The 10 Best Looking Factory Wheels of All-Time

Coming up with this list was much more difficult than I anticipated. I knew some of my favorites but each time I went digging I came up with more. At first I came up with 8 wheels then I thought of two more and had to expand the list. Ten seems like a good number to stop at. I was thinking about digging into the wheels of the 1980s but I think I will save that for another article. These list also only includes factory wheels so no Cragars or Enkei wheels. Read on to see my list of the 10 best looking factory wheels of all-time.

Delta Integrale Wheels

the perfect Delta Integrale wheel
Wheels on the Delta Integrale – photo by Brian Snelson from Hockley, Essex, England

To me, the Delta Integrale wheels are some of the most iconic wheels ever made. Maybe it’s because they are on one of the coolest cars ever. It could also be because that car happens to be one of the greatest rally cars ever driven. My friend likes to point out that they would be nearly impossible to clean but I don’t care, they look awesome! I’m just glad that a company makes some sweet knockoffs for my Fiesta ST. Maybe one day I will pony up and buy an Integrale but considering I’ve seen prices over $100k it may be some time before that happens.

Pontiac Trans Am Honeycomb Wheels

a red trans am with gold honeycomb wheels
Gotta love the honeycomb wheels! Photo by DirebearHugs

The Pontiac Trans Am and the moustache were made famous by the iconic Smokey and the Bandit movie. The black and gold paint job with the Firebird graphics are known around the world. Those gold honeycombs wheels really tied to entire look together. They even look good on Trans Ams of other colors like the red one above. You can try a different wheels but none of them will look as good or as right as these. Year One has recognized that people might want bigger brakes so they’ve released a larger copy of the originals. I did the same thing on my Sprint where I wanted to keep the factory looking wheels but update them for larger brakes. Sometimes, the design is best as-is.

Ferrari F40 5-Spoke Wheels

a close up of the Ferrari F40s front wheel
The simple 5-spoke wheel. Photo by Dario Alvarez

I’m not sure what it is about these wheels. At first I found these wheels kind of boring, then I thought they were dated. Now that more time has passed, I have come to love them. It also doesn’t hurt that they happen to be on my number one dream car. The Ferrari F40 is widely considered to be one of the greatest Ferraris of all-time. This distinction automatically places it among the best cars ever. Those elegant, simple five-spoke wheels personify the no frills attitude of the car itself. The famous five-spokes have been on a few other Ferraris but whatever they’re on, they look amazing.

Lamborghini Countach 5-Hole Gold Wheels

A red Lamborghini Countach with gold wheels
I love gold! Photo by Karrmann

The Lamborghini Countach is cool in a thousand different ways. Gull-wing doors, giant wing, massive V-12, absolutely zero rear-visibility, it seems to have it all. Throw on top of that these sweet gold five-hole wheels and how could you not love this car? I’m not sure why so many companies had gold wheels at the time but I’m glad it happened! The Countach also makes my list of lottery cars (it’s a big list), and those gold wheels are part of the reason why. I would love to see a new Lamborghini featuring an updated version of these. If I ever get my dream job of becoming the Singer for resto-mod Lamborghinis, I will create a set.

Porsche 911 Fuchs Wheels

three Porsches rocking the Fuchs wheels
A set of Fuchs wheels – photo by brento

I am a sucker for 911’s. I’ve had a 996 C2 but I would love to get one of the old air-cooled versions. One of the best things about these old Porsches beside their perfection is the amazing Fuchs wheels. Porsche was looking for a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing wheel for the type 911. The first 911 to feature the Fuchs wheels was the very first Porsche 911 S in 1966. I’m not sure these wheels would work on a more modern Porsche. Part of what made some of these wheels so special is their size. Many of them were 15 inches, maybe 17 tops. Once you enlarge the wheel sometimes you lose some of the ratios and it doesn’t look right. Somehow though, Singer has managed it to perfection.

Lamborghini Miura’s Magnesium Wheels

a orange Miura with gold wheels
The Bertone designed magnesium wheels. Photo by Daniel Stocker

In an article on the best looking factory wheels, it is hard not to include these beauties on the most beautiful car ever made. There is no doubt that the Lamborghini Miura is the best Lamborghini of all-time. Like the F40 above, that automatically puts it in the running for best cars ever. What’s funny is that the Miura was the first supercar and it is still one of the greatest cars. Part of that appeal was these amazing Bertone magnesium wheels in gold. While you can also get them in grey, there is just something about a gold wheel. If you roughed up your set daily driving your Miura (I doubt that person exists, but if they do I want to meet you) not to worry you can replace them! There is a company in Italy that still sells these incredible wheels, which you can get in gold!

Subaru WRX STi’s Factory Gold BBS Wheels

a rally liveried Subaru WRX STi in blue with gold rims
The Gold BBS’s – photo by GôTô

Ok, I promise this will be the last set of gold wheels. There are a few reasons why these were cool. Number one, they were BBS wheels from the factory which is always cool. I’ve seen a few people put BBS wheels on a Toyota Avalon and that never made much sense to me. Number two, did I mention they were gold? Where the Countach and the Trans Am excelled at the gold wheels on a black car, the Subaru excelled at the gold rims on the blue car. If I ever get a Subaru, that is the color combination I am going after.

BMW E39 M5 Wheels

a black E39 BMW M5
The Excellent E39 M5 – photo by Terabass

I wrote an article not too long ago about my favorite Corvette trim levels. In that article, I talk about the Corvette ZR1 and I mention the wheels. I like the wheels but there is only one problem, they are chrome. I hate chrome. It’s probably the worst wheel finish ever. It is too hard to keep in good condition and it is too shiny. Then I got to thinking about why I like those rims, they remind me of the E39 M5. The E39 M5 might be one of the best looking sedans of all-time and a major part of that are those sexy wheels. For one, they’re not chrome. They have just the right amount of spokes. There is sufficient rubber on the rim and they fit perfectly in the wheel well. Why change them?

Ford Mustang Mach 1 Wheels

a dark green 1st generation Mach 1 Mustang
The original Mach 1 wheels – photo by greggjerdingen

There are a few set of wheels that when you see them you immediately know what model they go to. The Mach 1 wheels on the Mustang are exactly that type of wheel. Now that I look at them again you know what they remind me of, the Fuchs. They have that same sort of five spoke design, albeit slimmer. There is also that similar black background behind the wheel. I know they are chrome but it isn’t in your face. Again, this is likely because of the proportions and the tiny brakes. The Mach 1 wheels on the newer Mustangs keep the same feel and you know it’s a Mach 1, but these take the cake. Something is just cool about having 50mm+ of sidewall at your disposal.

Wire Wheels (Jag E-Type)

a closeup of the Jag E-Type wheels
Wire wheels on a Jaguar E-Type

I know I said that I am not a fan of chrome but there is one major exception, wire wheels. While they have been popular in the low-riding community for some time, they look exceptional good on a Jaguar E-Type. I even found a Packard that looks pretty sweet with wire wheels. You don’t run wire wheels because they are the fastest or the lightest, they are just cool. Hell, I don’t even hate them on the low-riders because they tick two boxes, they are wire wheels and they are tiny. As if the Integrale wheels weren’t hard enough to clean, I imagine these are impossible. I was trying to think about wire wheels are so cool but I found an article from Petrolicious to do that for me. If you have never checked out their content it is incredible. There videos or pure cinema but they happen to be about some pretty cool cars.

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