Most Successful Constructors in Formula 1

There have been 68 seasons of Formula 1 dating back to 1950. That season they raced seven races and Nino Farina took home the drivers championship. The constructors championship wasn’t handed out until 1958. The inaugural trophy went to the Vanwall motor racing team owned by Tony Vandervell. His staff included Colin Chapman and he employed a driver by the name of Stirling Moss. The points scoring system has changed over the years. At first there were only points awarded for the first 5 positions and the fastest lap. Today, points are awarded for the top 10 finishers as well as the fastest lap. Teams are also limited to two cars. Since its inception, only 15 constructors have taken the trophy. These are 5 of the most successful constructors in Formula 1.

Mercedes (6 titles)

6-time champion Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton 6-time Champion 

At number five is the Mercedes team that has absolutely dominated as of late. Not only have they won 6 constructors championships in a row, they have won them by the highest margin ever. On average, they win by a margin of 220 points each year. Their best year was 2016 where they won by an astonishing 297-point margin. Outside of Mercedes, Red Bull is the next closest with a margin of 236 in 2013. They have earned their success behind the incredible driving of 6-time champion Lewis Hamilton, 1-time champion Nico Rosberg, and Valtteri Bottas. Mercedes has entered 203 races winning 97 of them. They have also scored 4,878 points over the years. Team principal Toto Wolf is no doubt gunning for that 6th title this year as Mercedes remains ahead.

Lotus (7 titles)

Mario Andretti racing for Lotus
Mario Andretti at Monaco 1979 – photo by Martin Lee

If you read my recent article on Mario Andretti, you know he won a title for Lotus. Unfortunately, the team that Colin Chapman founded closed shop after the 1994 season. During their time they won 7 titles and had some of the most famous drivers of all-time. These names include Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Fittipaldi, Andretti, Mansell, Senna, Piquet, Ickx, and on, and on. These are some of the greatest names in racing history. Lotus entered 491 races winning 74 of them. They also had some of the most iconic cars of all-time including the John Player Special Lotus 77, and Senna’s Camel Lotus 99T. Unfortunately, the 99T would give Lotus their last ever Grand Prix victory in 1987. The lack of wins eventually led to their downfall. In racing, like in football, winning cures everything.

McLaren (8 titles)

Niki Lauda racing for McLaren
Niki Lauda in his Marlboro McLaren TAG – photo by twm1340

Next on the list is McLaren with 8 titles. Founded by Bruce McLaren, the team has entered an astonishing 806 races winning 182 of them. They’ve also scored 5,291.5 points over their lifetime. This may be surprising with their recent struggles, but McLaren is one of the best teams ever in F1. McLaren dominated from 1984 to 1991 winning 6 out of 8 years. These wins came from names like Lauda, Prost, and Senna. Other famous drivers include Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Mika Haikkinen, and Lewis Hamilton. My favorite cars are the old red and white Marlboro sponsored cars and anything in McLaren orange (hex #ff8700). Maybe current team principal, American Zak Brown (not of the Zac Brown Band probably), will find renewed success with Norris and Sainz.

Williams (9 titles)

Mansell racing for Williams
Nigel Mansell in the Canon Williams bearing down on Piquet in his Camel – photo by Paul Lannuier from Sussex, NJ, USA

Founded by Sir Frank Williams and Sir Patrick Head, Williams is one of the most storied constructors in Formula 1. While they are apocalyptically bad now, that should not overshadow their storied racing success. The team was only formed in 1977 yet they won 114 races out of the 724 they entered. They have an incredible 9 titles including 3 in a row from 1992 to 1994. Some famous drivers that helped them collect their 3,555 points include, Piquet, Mansell, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve. They’ve had some great liveries over the years including the Cannon cars of the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Rothman’s cars of the mid-1990’s, and the Martini racing liveries of the 2010’s. Hell, even without the titles having these liveries make you a pretty awesome constructor. Maybe Frank’s daughter Claire can start turning the team around.

Ferrari (16 titles)

Michael Schumacher racing for Ferrari
7-Time Champion Schumacher – photo by Morio

Absolutely no one can hold a candle to Scuderia Ferrari and their 16 titles. That’s almost double the second place team. They’ve entered 986 races winning 236 while collecting over 8,000 points. Ferrari won three titles in a row from 1975-1977, two in a row from 1982-1983, six in a row from 1999-2004, and two in a row again in 2007-2008. They are currently second in the constructors championship and they are surging behind two wins in a row at the hands of Leclerc. Ferrari has been the team to beat in just about every form of auto racing. They have consistently been at the top for 70 years. There is a new movie coming out about Ford v. Ferrari at Lemans. Famous drivers include Ascari, Fangio, Phill Hill, Schumacher, Lauda, Raikkonen, Vettel, and Leclerc. Every driver wants to race for Ferrari because with them you know you’ve got a chance for victory every race.

There isn’t really a famous livery for Ferrari because all Ferrari’s in everything are red. That’s it. Just as it should be. Even though I don’t like ridiculous colors on cars, if I buy a Ferrari it’s going to be red. Even though Ferrari surged in the middle of the season, Mercedes locked up their 6th constructors championship in a row this year. That ties Ferrari for most in a row but they would still need to win 10 more to match Ferrari. With promising young talent like Leclerc on board, there is a solid chance that Ferrari will once again take home the constructors championship in the coming years. If he doesn’t, one thing is for sure, Ferrari won’t have a hard time attracting a talented replacement.

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