Best Factory Wings of All Time

The other night I saw a Porsche Panamera Turbo in my neighborhood and I was thinking about how cool that wing is when its deployed. This got me thinking, what are some of the coolest factory wings of all time? This doesn’t include aftermarket, I’m just talking about what came on the car when it came out. Now, without further ado my list if the best wings of all time.

Lamborghini Countach

a red Lamborghini Countach with a giant wing
Lamborghini Countach 5000QV – photo by Brian Snelson from Hockley, Essex, England

The Lamborghini Countach is one of the coolest cars of all time and it ‘s no surprise that they made this list. The Countach was one of the first supercars I had ever seen in person and I still remember it to this day. It was so wide it nearly took up the whole road and that wing and sound were unforgettable. The Countach first debuted without the wing but something about the design really came through when they added it. That and those spectacular wheels and NACA ducts really made something special.

2G Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX

a black 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
The 2G Eclipse GSX, probably broken down

The Eclipse GSX is one of the icons of the 1990’s and not only had a stout turbo 2.0L and AWD but also a very unique rear wing. Most wings like the Countach are rather flat but the unique curved wing of the Eclipse GSX stood out against the crowd. Well, sorta. The Supra also features a unique curved wing but they were the only two I remember. It’s too bad that Misubishi ruined the Eclipse by making them a crossover, yuck! If it does come back as a car hopefully it will have this swooping wing. Of course the new Supra doesn’t.

A80 Toyota Supra

a red A80 Toyota Supra with a giant wing
The big swoopy wing from the Supra

Another classic 1990’s Japanese sports car, the Toyota Supra also had a unique sloping rear wing like the Eclipse GSX. Perfect, elegant and no reason to replace it. It’s too bad Toyota didn’t keep it for the A90 Supra but it does have a 911 style lip spoiler. Surprisingly, the Supra doesn’t look terrible with the wing removed but then it wouldn’t make our list of the best factory wings. What makes it cool is that the rear features those large, four light taillights and even has a little lip spoiler under the main spoiler. You pretty much get two spoilers in one!

Ferrari F40

a red Ferrari F40 with the big boxy wing
Ferrari F40 – photo by Alexandre Prévot from Nancy, France

If I won the lottery, this is the first car I would purchase. Sure I can get a four-door Cadillac that’s faster but nothing is as cool as a manual shifted, plastic windowed Ferrari. Plus look at that wing! A nice boxy wing to go with a fast, boxy supercar. The little etching of the F40 in the wing is pretty cool as well. The F40 has the trifecta of styling greatness, popup headlights, multiple NACA ducts, big boxy wing. This wing is so good it could make F1 cars jealous.

Porsche Panamera Turbo

Now I didn’t plan this as a ranked list but the Panamera Turbo wing might be the coolest thing I’ve seen so far. It’s as if Porsche hired Darth Vader to design the wing. It is tucked away at slow speeds but when a certain speed is hit it rises up and out of the rear decklid like something from Star Wars. Seriously, just look at the GIF above. How cool is that? Porsche has been using automated wings for sometime but this has to be their best version. Knowing Porsche, this is probably a very functional wing. They don’t make wings just for the sake of it. The one I added to my 911 provided something like 100lbs of downforce.

Plymouth Superbird

an orange Plymouth Superbird with the biggest wing on the list.
1970 Plymouth Superbird – photo by sv1ambo

By far and away the most ridiculous wing in the list. If you don’t know the history of this wing it was designed for NASCAR back when it was actually stock car racing and this wing enabled the cars to hit 200mph back in the 70’s! That’s seriously ridiculous. The Ferrari F40 above could even hit 200 miles per hour! This was built by a bunch of hillbillies in Detroit then tuned in the hills of North Carolina. They made the boxy wing cool several decades before the F40’s wing was a glimmer in Enzo’s eye. These cars are so sought after that they continually fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Whale Tale Porsche 911

a white Porsche 911 with a whale tail
The whale tail Porsche 911

A wing so cool it actually became the nickname of the Porsche 911’s of this era. Just as it sounds, the whale tale is a flat, broad wing extending over the engine at the back of the 911. At first I never really liked them but as I got more into Porsches I started to understand their unique pull. First off, the engine is in the back so this giant, flat deck lid just sucks up the air. Second, they’re great for having a roadside picnic on. I mean look at that space!

Mitubishi Evo 9/Subaru WRX STi

a blue Subaru WRX STi with a boxy wing
Another boxy wing, this time on a Subaru – photo by Falcon® Photography

It was hard to choose between both of these so I put them in the same section. They were natural rivals and both had similar wings. Two cars, both turbocharged four cylinders, both with AWD, both with manual transmissions, both with four doors, and both with big, boxy wings. That’s the second Mitsubishi on the list meaning their aero guy is a genius! It’s too bad that Mitsubishi doesn’t build anything cool right now. At least the Evo is coming back. The STi is still around but their wing has gotten considerably less boxy over the years. Still ridiculous but less boxy.

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